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Reduce the carbon emissions from your business travels

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Reduce the carbon emissions from your business travels

Flying is more often than not, the only realistic way of reaching your market and important meetings. If you want to make those flights more sustainable Fly Green Fund will be happy to help you to calculate your flights carbon footprint. You can then choose how much of the emissions you wish to reduce or how much you want to invest in sustainable aviation fuel. Apart from the direct carbon reduction following your SAF purchase you will also be contributing to developing the market for sustainable aviation fuel.

Replace fossil fuel with sustainable aviation fuel

As a business customer you can make your business flights fossil free and carbon neutral.

Reduce your business climate footprint

As a business customer you have the options of reducing the carbon footprints from your business travel via Fly Green Fund – fully or in part – either through a fixed contribution per flight, or by reducing in relation to emissions figures provided, for instance, by your travel agency. We are also happy to help you with these calculations. As always, the extent of the reduction is fully flexible – every drop of sustainable aviation fuel matter!

Sustainable aviation fuel

75% of your contribution will finance purchase of sustainable aviation fuel which will be delivered Swedish airports.

Increase demand and production

25% of your money will be used for market development and to support initiatives that will contribute to an increase in the demand and supply of sustainable aviation fuel.

Choose an agreement that suits you


  1. Estimate the total number of kilometres you fly per year and then decide how much of the emissions you wish to reduce.
  2. Pay a fixed amount per flight: 150 SEK for domestic flight, 300 SEK for flights within Europe and 500 SEK for flights worldwide.

Whatever suits your business, it will be an important step towards fossil fuel free aviation.

Contact us and we will tell you more

This is how the money is used

  • 75% will contribute to buying and delivering sustainable fuel
  • 25% will contribute to developing the market and supporting initiatives that will contribute to an increasing demand and local production of sustainable aviation fuel in Scandinavia.

Climate benefits

In our annual sustainability report you can learn how much sustainable aviation fuel Fly Green Fund has purchased and the resulting decrease in carbon emissions. The report also describes the projects and initiatives that were supported by Fly Green Fund. 

When you buy sustainable aviation fuel via our homepage you will receive a receipt stating the carbon reduction following your purchase. We also provide your company with a certificate showing your emission reductions.