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Reduce the carbon emission from your flights

The Fly Green Fund is a non-profit organisation offering individuals, businesses and public organisations a more sustainable way of flying through the use of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF). By increasing the use of SAF you help reduce the carbon emissions at the source and in the aviation sector, whilst at the same time joining the movement towards sustainable aviation. Buying SAF is not a way to offset your emission, it is a way to reduce them – now and for the future. Through Fly Green Fund you can choose if you want to fly CO₂ -neutral or reduce parts of your flights carbon emissions – just remember, every drop of SAF matters!


  • Founded in 2015
  • Non-Profit Economic Association
  • Karlstad Airport, SkyNRG, NISA (Nordic Initiative for Sustainable Aviation)
  • Partners: Swedavia, SRF (Sveriges Regionala flygplatser)
  • 75% of the price covers purchase of sustainable aviation fuels
  • 25% of the price covers market development and communication activities

Buying sustainable aviation fuel is not about offsetting emissions, it’s about reducing them

"Together, we can reduce emissions from aviation and at the same time increase the demand for sustainable aviation fuels"


“Fly Green Fund makes carbon neutral flying possible”

The airplanes of today are technically prepared to be powered by renewable and sustainable fuels. So why aren’t they? The answer is price and availability. Sustainable fuels are currently between two and four times more expensive than fossil jet fuel. At that price both demand and supply is limited. Fly Green Fund wants to break that chain by showing that there is a demand and that we are willing to pay more to fly sustainable. The more we become, and the more sustainable fuel we buy, the more sustainable fuel will be produced and the cheaper the fuel will become.

Members of the board

Fredrik Kämpfe
Director industry affairs, Swedish Aviation Industry Group
Board member

Christian Janssen
Director Business Development, St1 Sverige AB
Board member

Martin Porsgaard
Project manager, Nordic Initiative For Sustainable Aviation (NISA)
Board member

Camilla Sperling
CEO Karlstad Airport
Board member

Robert Lindberg
Swedish Regionala Airport Association & CEO Skellefteå Airport
Board member

Darrin Morgan
Head of Growth & Investment, SkyNRG
Board member

Susanne Sävenfalk
Chairwoman of the board

David Hild